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  • When you feel that something is going wrong inside you. Gut feeling is the only feeling which tells you the reality. Body speaks to itself in one or other language that something is wrong inside.
  • When your performance is decreasing day by day – don’t blame Ageing, in fact blame your own self.
  • When you see a friend of your is getting sicker day by day and you don’t wish to be in the same situation.
  • When you are taking care of your parents who are in unhealthy state and you yourself don’t wish your children to be in the same state.
  • When you are loosing your charm.
  • When your weight is constantly increasing despite of taking care of your eating habits and exercise.
  • When you wish to understand the value of ¬†your HEALTH
  • When you wish to understand the need of GRACEFUL AGEING
  • When you are fed up of paying to your Personal Fitness Trainers in your Gym.