अगर आप अपना वजन काम करना चाहते हैं या डायबिटीज से सदा के लिए मुक्ति पाना चाहते हैं , परन्तु जो जो , जिस जिस ने भी कहा, वो सब कर के देख चुके हैं, निराश हो चुके हैं तो अभी 9266782222 पर फ़ोन करें | विशवास करें यहां आपको इस समस्या का पूरा और पक्का हल मिलेगा |

Fitness is Physical Preparedness.

Physical preparedness can be further divided into General Physical Preparedness and Specific Physical Preparedness.

Normal individual requires General Physical Preparedness whereas Sportsmen like an Athlete, Cricketer, Football player, Rugby player, Boxer, Swimmer, weight lifter, wrestler etc. requires Sports Specific Physical Preparedness.

Let me explain Physical Preparedness in a simple way – During 2008, due to financial strategies of Mr. Manmohan Singh, recession did not affect India because we were financially prepared. Similarly we should be physically prepared for any day-to-day challenges in life like stair climbing, some weight lifting, playing with kids and grand-children etc. Just for example, Catching a falling iphone immediately to save money and hassles in repair we need agility and activeness.

Ego is very right thing because when it is hurt, we work more. People generally judge fitness by Aesthetics. Some fat people satisfy themselves by saying ‘I am fat but cute and sometimes I am fat but more active than you.’

Most of us go to GYM to look good to make muscles. But imagine, someone looks so good and muscular but not able to help someone in pushing the car or lifting own suitcase . Thus a ‘Form without Function’ is useless and sometimes embarrassing. When your mom or a relative says “Kya yaar! saara din Gym mein lag ke bas Body bana rakhi hai, phir bhi kisi kaam ki nahi hai Yeh body”

Most of the time mirror makes people think whether they are fit or unfit. Everyone has different opinion; Thin person thinks ‘I am unfit’. Fat person also thinks ‘I am unfit’. Then What Actually the FITNESS is?

FITNESS has 5 Components

  1. Cardio-Respiratory Endurance
  2. Muscular Endurance
  3. Muscular Strength
  4. Flexibility
  5. Ideal Body Composition

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