Don’t Confuse Health with Fitness

Don’t be happy when your blood investigations are in the reference range. Reports under the range means you are HEALTHY but attaining all components of fitness means you are FIT. There is a limit to HEALTH. Let me explain you in a simple way – like you must have seen the reference range of Blood Pressure 80/120, but no doctor says that you have the best BP in the world or when your Fasting Blood Sugar is 100 – no doctor says that you have the best Blood Sugar. ┬áThis means health has a sealing point but fitness does not have a sealing point.

Suppose the lift goes off and one has to climb the stairs and feels breathless, or had to pull some weight but unable to lift, that simply means you are not prepared for day to day challenges. Challenge does not know the person is fat or thin. Thus a person can be healthy but not physically fit, but a fit person can be healthy.

Like for financial preparedness, we invest, we save in Bank Accounts. Similarly once should think of Physical Preparedness.

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