Doctor Free Life in Your Own Hands

Been in the medical field for past two decades, never gave a thought why treatment is preferred these days and not prevention till I learnt NUTRITION. Medical science has succeeded so much that no one in the World is left healthy whether a kid or a teenager an adult or a senior citizen. Actually Doctors are not the solution for every health problem.  Apathy is that the Doctors were actually born to treat infectious diseases not for metabolic syndromes. The whole MBBS curriculum is controlled by pharmaceutical industry as they study Anatomy- Physiology then Pathology and mainly Pharmacology.  But no Doctor is taught about the reasons behind metabolic disorders. Because if Nutrition is there,  then there will not be any need of medication aka pharma industry.  Proof is that they themselves and even their blood relatives are suffering from Insulin Intolerance, Obesity,  Cardiac issues,  psychiatric issues etc.  Only thing they can prescribe is medicine.  Believe me no medicine in this World is free of side-effects.  Starting with pain killers, anti-acids, statins, Blood thinners, laxatives, within short period one becomes a moving shop of a chemist with so many medicines in the pocket.

Now there is a huge number of Doctors who have become frustrated from their jobs, their inability to treat,  that they are doing suicides etc.  To be continued…….

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